Our Services / Prices

Labour - £45 per hour for all mechanical and diagnostic repairs.


Small service - £90.*
60 checks, including Forte engine flush, manufacturer specific oil, oil filter, and screenwash.

Full service - £195.*
80 checks, including Forte engine flush, Forte petrol or diesel cleaner, spark plugs (petrol engines), air filter, fuel filter, cabin / pollen filter, antifreeze, full diagnostic system read of all control ECU's.

Brake fluid service - £45 (£30 if done with a service)
Drain down reservoir, refill with new brake fluid and pressure bleed full system.

All cam-belt replacements need to be quoted by registration number, all quotes include new tensioner, rollers and water pump when driven by the cam-belt.

Performance ECU Remapping
Please see our vehicle statistics menu to see the power gains we can optimise for your vehicle.

Or read what is ECU Remapping for more information.

EGR Delete
We have the software to delete and remove your vehicles EGR valve, this valve recirculates dirty exhaust gas back into your engine to burn again this causes a number problems inside the engine please see the images of a customers car we had to manually unblock the inlet manifold.

DPF Delete
We can modify your vehicle software and exhaust system to isolate the troublesome DPF system. (For track / race use).

DPF Servicing
We have diagnostic equipment to keep your DPF system functioning and special cleaning procedures to keep you on the road.

We provide tyres for all car and light commercial vehicles fitted and balanced on site while you wait if needed. Please provide your tyre size for quotes along with make required or, budget, mid range, or high end performance.

All quotes will include the cost of fitting, new valve balance and waste disposal.

Clutch and dual mass flywheel
Please contact us with your registration for the best prices on clutch and dual mass flywheel replacements, we have saved customers up to 70% of what other garages have quoted still using original equipment specification parts mainly Valeo and L.U.K

Electrical and fault Diagnostics
Our diagnostic software is updated regularly to keep communication with the latest of vehicles.

All usual garage and mechanical repairs undertaken, please contact us for advice or a free quotation.

* Prices for servicing are based on the majority average car up to 2200cc some cars may have a surcharge added at quotation before booked in if extra oil, specific high end spark plugs / filters are required.

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