BEFORE WE REMAP YOUR VEHICLE - We will carry out a test drive to ensure your clutch, gearbox and engine are functioning correctly, we will then check the ECU for any stored fault codes and read all sensors on our diagnostic equipment in live data to ensure everything is working and operating correctly.

We can custom tune your vehicles ECU software to meet your requirements.

The dealers sell the same vehicle with sometimes different engine performance options from the same size engine, this is a result of the tune that is written into your ECU.

Also manufacturers have to take into account a multitude of owners driving styles and their varying adherence to servicing and maintenance schedules.

With our specialist equipment we can read your file from your engine ECU modify it for either fuel economy in mind whilst adding more power, a sharper throttle response and improved drivability. 


If your main objective is to gain more power we can also offer performance remaps in stages.

Stage 1 Remap - Offers great fuel economy and has allot more power available should you require it. On some models stages 2 and 3 are available for vehicles that have had further engine modifications from exhaust, air filters, larger intercoolers etc.

As we are garage based we can undertake any further modifications you may require.

EGR Valves

On many models we can also blank and turn off your EGR valve to stop your engine and inlet manifold clogging up, this is also a cheaper option than replacing a faulty EGR valve.


Diesel particulate filters are very expensive to replace we have the knowledge to remove the inside of your filter and the equipment to safely remove the function from your ECU software.

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For any other software questions please contact us for a quote. 

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